How to use youtube to improve your English

How to use youtube to improve your English

Listening is a very comprehensive way of learning a foreign language. Unfortunately, it is impossible to be around English-speaking people all the time or stay tuned to English TV or radio channels living in a non-English speaking country. With the bloggers’ boom, it is not a challenge anymore. Anyone with access to the internet can find a foreign language tutor on YouTube absolutely free of charge.

Just Listen and Speak – Spell Check Will Do the Rest

Opponents of the listening only learning method are often invoked in arguments against YouTube and consider it not effective. They claim that even if a person understands spoken English, it will be extremely hard for them to communicate in written form as they can misspell the words or even make grammar mistakes. Today it is not a problem, and there is a variety of online spell-checking services, which allows you to identify mistakes just in a few clicks. Instead, learning English with Youtube is very beneficial for a few reasons:

  • YouTube bloggers retranslate actual language and this is the best way to learn the slang and don’t sound outdated;
  • This is a platform, where everyone can find something responding to personal tastes;
  • A perfect way to combine favorite movies or shows with learning English;
  • It is unlimited and comes at no cost at all.

With this wide range of choices, it is very easy to get lost. To point you in the right direction, we recommend to pay attention to the following channels:

BBC Learning English

This channel will be a real catch for those, who would like to receive fundamental knowledge of classical British English, but at the same to be aware of the latest news. BBC Learning English offers a number of videos with real conversations, interviews, cartoons.

Also, it gives perspective on many life spheres like technology, science, fashion. The channel provides a good overview of the most recent news and along with important vocabulary, this is a good opportunity to stay tuned and to know what is going on in the world.

As a result after regular watching of this channel, you will be a professional in small talks.

British Council | LearnEnglish

British Council is a worldwide famous organization aimed to teach English. It is a very reputable school of English, but also a cultural hub. This is a place to learn everything about the English language and British culture.

It offers comprehensive videos on different everyday situations like how to behave at the job interview or how to turn down the offer, gives cultural perspectives, and provides some recommendations on learning a foreign language.

This YouTube channel is a hidden gem for those who are getting ready to pass international exams like IELTS. It contains free tutorials as well as general recommendations on how to get ready for the exam and tips on how to get a high score on it.

On a separate note, it is worth mentioning that the British Council has a separate channel for kids, wherein an easy and entertaining way gives children a new portion on learning English. It consists of many multiplicated videos, kids songs, fairy tales. It fascinates the kids, and subtitles for each video simplifies the learning process and makes it enjoyable.

Learn English with Ronnie!

This channel has almost 4 million audiences and no wonder why. Entertaining and at the same time meaningful videos are released almost every day. The main directions are:

  • Slang English – real conversations used by native speakers
  • Pronunciation – this charismatic woman works hard not only with the goal to increase your vocabulary, but also to say it in the right way
  • Grammar lessons – tricks on how to make complicated stuff simple
  • Sex with Roney – fun way of finding out relationship lexicon, this is definitely the content which is not included in the students’ handbooks.


Advanced learners can find many channels according to their professional or personal interests. At this point, it is not necessary to concentrate on certain words, rather enjoy the content. You can find on YouTube channels dedicated to any life sphere, but LegalEagle would be an asset for people interested in legal English or just for those, who love to watch legal dramas like Suits, How To Get With a Murder, Legally Blond. The author of this channel is a professional lawyer, who teaches to think like a lawyer. He makes reviews and reveals the legal bias in different movie episodes. The perfect solution for those who want to improve legal English and to find out more about the American legal system.

YouTube can become that magic pill, which helps you to learn English without homework and boring classes. Choose the right content, watch it regularly, and enjoy communication in English.