Cyber Security for Kids in Accessing Internet for Various Purposes

Cyber Security for Kids in Accessing Internet for Various Purposes

Nowadays, kids can easily learn many things from the internet. It is no longer like the times some years ago where books and schools become the only way to gain many kinds of information and knowledge. Now, internet becomes the window to see the world easily. Many kinds of information are available and there are various websites for kids to learn many things. This can help them in studying and enriching their knowledge. However, internet also has some problems that can be dangerous for kids. At least, cyber bullying becomes one of the problems. Abuses and other things are also possible to happen, and there have been many cases as proof. In this case, it is very necessary to give better cyber protection and security for the kids. Parents surely play important roles to make sure that the kids are safe while they are browsing or utilizing internet for various purposes. Related to this, Lido, as one of the learning platforms, gives interesting video about the cyber protection and security in this articles. This can provide necessary information and reference for parents and kids.

Parents Role in Cyber Security

The term of cyber security may sound something interesting and sophisticated. When people know or read the word, they may directly think about certain software or application. It is true that there are some applications for these purposes. This can be installed, and then kids will have better protection while browsing or using the access of internet. This can become alternative of parents in monitoring the kids and preventing the bad problems to occur. However, this is not the best solution at all. This can become option, but the main point still belongs to parents. Parents play the most important roles in protecting the kinds and provide the proper prevention against the issues. The parents cannot neglect their roles and depend on the application or software to protect the kids. These will be less useful when parents still do not give proper understanding for the kids. In this case, parents must be able to tell the kids about the purposes and risks of the internet. From the beginning, children must know these, since these are like the guidelines for them, and it is necessary to know before they start using the access for internet. The adults can tell the kids about what the purposes of browsing and other things, so kids can walk on the right path in using the internet. By knowing the risks, kids may also be more careful. Of course, parents should also keep monitoring. They cannot just give the children gadgets, yet they do not pay attention to the usage at all. Since they are still child, it is proper for parents to accompany and guide them. This is very important roles to give proper protection of cyber security.

Proper Protection

When it talks about the protection, there are some points that should get the attention. Of course, kids are the ones to protect. However, they are not only the ones that may get exposed to these cyber problems. Even, adults may also face the same problems. In this case, parents should know that internet allow people to get connected easily. This is surely goods since there will be new friends. However, this also gives possibility for strangers with bad intention to approach. For adults, this may not be serious problem since they know how to filter the good and bad persons to add into the circle. However, it is different from kids. They may be glad knowing that new friends add them into the friend list of social media. They do not know whether they are good or bad persons. Of course, parents should give understanding about it and keep monitoring or guiding the kids. It is always better to have new friend in which they are in mutual relationship with the other friends. It is now easy to check since most social media platform also provides the access to know the mutual friends. Moreover, parents should also tell the kids to be careful in filling any kinds of forms or sharing personal information, including the address. This is important since there are many cases of people abusing the personal information for their own benefits.

Lido Learning

In this case, at least parent can be quite relaxed since there is still Lido Learning. This becomes the platform for kids in learning. Basically, it works as an online school, but this is more interesting, and children safety is fully secured and protected. This becomes effective way for kids to learn since each class will only have six students. It means that the teacher will be able to easily give more attention for each student. Student may also have more time in learning, and they will be more comfortable in studying, even in asking questions. Teachers recruited by the Lido are surely trained and professional teachers, so they are not like strangers who suddenly apply and get the position as online tutor. Moreover, Lido surely protects the privacy and all personal information of each kid. The information is protected, so there will be no possibility of data abuse by other parties. With this, parents can feel safe while their kids are learning.